What are your prices?  Do you offer different packages?

I offer two wedding photography packages. For my detailed photography packages, please send me an email at lizanne{@}lizannehiggs.com or complete my Contact page on my website. Please let me know your wedding venue/location and date in order to check availability.


Are you willing to travel for weddings?

Yes. I am based in Gauteng, but I frequently travel to the Western Cape and I’m also willing to travel anywhere within South Africa.  Destination weddings outside of South Africa can definitely be discussed.


Can we meet you before we book you?

Yes. I would love to meet you. It is very important that we get to know each other and to make sure that get along. I travel frequently, so please let me know your availability then we can work something out. I am happy to meet during the day or in the evenings after work at a location close to my office.  We can also schedule a Skype meeting, if you are booking from out of town or out of the country.


We want to book you, how do we make a booking?

Please let me know that you want to proceed with a booking, then I will send you the Contract that you both need to sign and you will need to pay the 50% non-refundable booking fee of the quoted package to secure your date.  Once this is done then I’m all yours on your wedding day.


When is the final payment due?

The remaining booking fee is due 14 days prior to the wedding date.  I will send you an invoice to remind you.


What aspects do you cover on the day?

It depends on which wedding photography package you choose, but as an example, for an 8 hour wedding I aim to capture the following:

The bride getting ready and detail shots; portraits of the bride; the ceremony; family and group photos; bridal couple photos; décor of the reception venue; speeches and social shots at the reception; the first dance; cutting of the cake; throwing of the garter and bouquet.


How much time do you need for our wedding photos?

For the best results, my recommended time schedule for photographs is as follows:

  • 30 min for décor, details and flowers at the reception (these shots generally take place before I go to where the bride is getting ready, because by the time we arrive at the reception venue after the couple photos, the guests will already be there. The alternative option is for me to take these shots while you are mingling with your guests before your couple photo shoot)
  • 30 min for detail shots – dress, shoes and getting ready
  • 45-60 min for the bridal portraits (before we have to leave for the ceremony)
  • 15-30 min for the groom portraits (if getting ready at the same location)
  • 15 min for guests arriving at the church and groom waiting at alter
  • 45-60 min for the ceremony, register signing and confetti
  • 30 min for family and group shots (you will need to make a list of your 10 must have group shots and any other group shots that you may want)
  • 30 min for bridal party shots
  • 60-80 min for bridal couple shots (please schedule your day so that the couple photo session and group shots can take place well before sunset.  Please bear in mind that the “golden hour” – the best light for photos is an hour before sunset.  Please consult www.timeandate.com for the details.  It is advisable to start your wedding earlier in the winter months as the sun sets earlier)
  • Reception – as much time as your chosen package allows for the reception, cake cutting, first dance etc.


Will we receive high resolution images that we can print?

Yes. All my wedding photography packages include a DVD with high resolution images in jpeg format. Please take your images to professional printing labs for best results.


Will all our photos be edited?

Yes. All the photos will be edited for exposure, contrast, sharpness and colour. What you see on my website is what you can expect in all your photos in terms of editing. I will give you a selection of colour and black & white at my discretion. If, after you received you photos, you have a particular photo or two that you would like to change from colour to black & white or vice versa, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do this for you.

**Any advanced editing such as retouching, airbrushing and photo manipulation will be subject to an additional charge.


Can we add additional hours to our package if we need you for longer?

Yes. I am flexible on the day and if you need me to stay longer, then this can be arranged at an additional hourly charge.


Do you work with an assistant?

Yes. Please arrange both a seat and meal for us both at the reception, if you are booking me for more than 5 hours or if the working day extends after 8pm. For the avoidance of doubt, an assistant is not a second photographer.


Can you arrange a second photographer?

Yes. If you want a second photographer on the day, then I can arrange this for you at an additional cost. I will choose a second photographer whose style is similar to mine. I will edit all the photos to keep the colour standard the same throughout. A second photographer replaces an assistant.


When will the photos be ready for collection after the wedding?

The estimated time is 6-8 weeks after the wedding.  I do however know that you are very excited to see the photos, so I will give you a sneak peek of a couple of photos within the first few weeks to keep you going.


Do you go round to the tables for group shots?

No, unfortunately I do not take table photos. I do not photograph guests while they are eating and a table full of glasses and plates do not result into the best photos. I do however capture some guests during the speeches, when they are laughing and enjoying your wedding. My suggestion would be to set up a photo booth for the guests photos.


What is a photo booth set-up and do you do this?

A photo booth set-up is a dedicated area or special corner for fun group photos.  Arrange a nice couch, some fun props or something interesting for a back drop and I will take a few group shots there during the evening, as time allows.


Do you offer albums, parent albums and storybooks?

Yes. The storybooks that I offer come in two different sizes – 20 x 30cm and 12 x 17cm.  The albums are landscape, custom designed hard cover, lay-flat design printed on 2mm fine art paper protected with UV Varnish with mounting board.

The normal process is that I ask that you select +/- 100 of your favourite photos within two weeks of receiving your photos.  You will need to list the photo numbers on a spreadsheet and send to me. I will design the album around these photos, adding others where the “story” of a page needs to be complete. You will receive the first album proof one to two weeks later.  I allow one set of image changes to ensure that you love your album, the album layout will not be changed. Once you approve the final design, the album is sent off for printing and it should be ready for collection around three weeks later.


Is there anything I should look out for when booking a wedding venue that could affect the photographs?

Lighting is very important for the photos, therefore the best venues to host a wedding have a white sealing (for bouncing and dispersing light) and lots of available light.  Venues with high ceilings, such as thatched roofs, are difficult to light correctly.  One of the best things you can do for great reception shots is to create sufficient light.  Candles or dimmed lights are not enough.

If you are getting married outside in the sunshine, bear in mind that the best results are achieved when your faces are completely shaded.


Do you use lighting equipment?

Where possible I work with natural light, however where necessary I do use flash.


What if your camera stops working, do you have a back-up plan?

Yes. I always carry a second camera with me, so just in case the one stops working then you can be relaxed knowing that I will capture your wedding one way or the other.


How long will you keep my images in archive?

I will keep your photos for 6 months.  After that I cannot guarantee that I will have storage space, so please make sure you back-up your photos as soon as you get them.


What is the most important thing on the wedding day for you as a photographer?

I need you to relax on your wedding day and feel comfortable with me as your photographer.  This is your day and I want to capture every moment so that you will remember it forever.


Do you only photograph weddings?

No.  I also photograph engagements, couples, portraits, families and newborn babies.


What are your thoughts on Videography?

I highly recommend having a video made of your wedding day.  You may not be thinking much about it now, but I promise you will love it afterwards.  I work with and around the videographer on your wedding day, so that’s not a problem at all.


A random tip for the day

Use “eye whitening eye drops” before the wedding, to freshen up your eyes for great photos.  However I would advise that you first test it out before the wedding day.



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